Erro connect DAX Studio to Excel Power Pivot Model

I´m not to able to connect Excel Power Pivot Data Model. The following message error appears in the window output "Could not connect to "Power Pivot model". the connection has timed out or lost

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Export to Excel static or linked not working

Hi, I can not export to an Excel static table, I get this error message: Query(2,26) The syntax for ‘[Category] is incorrect. (EVALUATE FILTER(Products, Products[Category]=”Bikes”)) The code used i...

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Add-Ins not showing up in Excel 2016

I am unable to get the Add-Ins ribbon to show up to run DAXStudio within Excel 2016 64 bit: When running the DAX Studio Checker I get this: Checking .Net Framework v2.0.50727 -> 2.0.50727.5420 v2....

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Cannot add add-in: runtime error

I have some issues enabling DAX Studio add-in. When trying to enable it nothing happens, and when trying to re-do, then it results in the following error (I am using Excel 64 bit version 2013): ...

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Output function incorrectly store datetime into .CSV

Hi. I tried to store output of DAX-query to .csv file. Unfortunately datestamp is incorrectly stored in file. In output window I see data in such format: 4/9/2017 2:43:00 PM (it would be nice t...

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Error in Excel 2016 unable to launch Dax studio

Unable to launch DAX studio as an Excel addin (Excel 2016). Could someone help? Thanks -------------Error Message below--------------------------------------- Lock timeout exception. ***********...

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DAX Studio could not connect to PowerPivot Model - Excel 2010

I've downloaded DAX Studio (v.2.6.0) for Excel 2010 on a new machine and anytime I open a Power Pivot it fails to connect to the Power Pivot model. It always says the connection was timed out or l...

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Cannot Open Dax Studio 2.6.0 from Excel 2016

As the title says, I cannot open Dax Studio (v.2.6.0) from Excel 2016. The add-in is disabled and not working. The Installer did not download the config files, so I got them from the zip file loc...

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The only thing missing for me is Ctrl+E for execute, like in SSMS... Curse you F5, you're such a pain to reach all the way up there!! Please consider for a future release. Thank you :)

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Portable version?

Hello there, is it possible to have DAX Studio run as a standalone version without (exe) installer? Cheers, chefe

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