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What's New


  • Can run Standalone or as Excel Addin
  • Office Ribbon UI
  • Dockable UI (can re-arrange tabs and tool windows)
  • Multiple query tabs
  • Docked results tab
  • Integrated tracing
  • Displaying DAX query plans
  • Comment / Uncomment selected text
  • Uppercase / Lowercase selected text
  • Ability to run queries with an xml parameter block (as captured from SQL Profiler)
  • Abilty to merge xml parameter blocks into a query
  • a single integrated installer for Excel 2010 / 2013 / standalone and x86 / x64 which will download missing pre-requisites
  • version update notifications
  • ability to dynamic change the font size of the query text
  • Improved metadata
    • Hierarchy support
    • KPI Support
  • Added back "Linked Query" capability to Excel 2013
  • Improved PowerPivot detection for Excel 2013
  • Bracket matching
  • Copy cells from the results grid

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