Crashing on 'Run'

Hello, I am connected to a powerpivot data model on a sharepoint server (pivotstream). I can run a query within Dax Studio in the standalone application to the grid just fine, but when I run the s...

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Clear Cache when connected to PowerPivot model causes application to crash

When connected to a PowerPivot model, if you click the button to Clear Cache this causes the application to crash. The button should be disabled when connected to a PowerPivot model.

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2.0: Won't launch

Windows 8.1, x64. Excel 2013. Both the stand-alone app and the excel addin just... don't do anything. Processes launches than quits. Any logs I can grab?

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Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC

Hello I get this issue when I send output yo excel sheet and run static results. No Isue with Run Grid or Run Validate. I have Windows 8, Excel 2013 Any suggestions? Greg

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Remove quotes from table names when not required

Remove the single quotes from around table names inserted from the metadata pane when the name is a single word that is not a keyword and begins with a alphabetic character.

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DAX Studio Installation Error - Office 2010

Hello i got a problem with the installation of DAX Studio for Office 2010 an Win7 64bit. Hope somebody could help. 1.) Installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (x64) 2.) In...

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The ability to search the model metadata

To assist in finding tables/columns/measures in a large model

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Cant connect to Powerpivot model

There is plenty of topics about it already but i will try to be more detailed. Windows 7 Proffesional (Czech localization and fully updated) Office 2010 64 bit eng Powerpivot 64 bit eng 11.0.5058 ...

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Cursor is invisible

I have installed DAX Studio and can successfully use it to query tabular models. Everything seems to work great with the exception of my invisible cursor. When I click in the query window m...

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Can't connect DAX Studio to PivotTable generated from PowerPivot

My environment: Win 7, XL x64 with SP1, PP x64 My model based on data from MySQL and linked tables. I put cursor on PivotTable generated from PowerPivot then laucnhed DAX Studio and nothing happe...

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