Code Completion inserting a function overwrites the next one

If I start with the text: VALUES( [MyColumn] ) And then type FI at the start of the line and hit tab to insert FILTER I expect to see FILTER( VALUES( [MyColumn] ) But instead I get FILTER( [My...

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Small issues in the editor.

Hi, here are some small issues regarding the editor In the editor If you place the cursor next to a letter or digit and start entering some text and then choose an item from the intellisense the ...

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Refresh metadata makes DaxStudio 2.5.0 Crash

Dear Admin when linked to the powerpivot or powerbi ,Almost every click on Refresh metadata cause crash or no response. Please fix it

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High CPU Utilization

I see high CPU utilization by the DAX Studio process. This issue is not new to 2.5.0. It existed in the past couple of versions as well. I see this both in the standalone application and when opene...

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Locale identifier does not work.

I define many translation in my tabular model but when I choose a Locale in Connection window in DAX Studio it does not work. error message : "Could not connect to '(local)': Input string was not ...

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Server Timings does not work with PowerPivot

Since v2.5.0, with PowerPivot timeouts will always be exceeded, although the query completes. Message: "Trace Stopped: QueryEnd Event not received - Tracing timeout exceeded" There's no problem ...

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Missing column headers in Results pane with DMVs

Since v2.5.0, I can no longer see the column headers in the results grid when I run DMVs. With DAX queries on the data model, no issue. Am I the only one to experience this ?

Id #43512 | Release: None | Updated: Nov 28 at 3:55 PM by JorgeEsteves | Created: Oct 27 at 2:00 PM by bda75

Power Pivot Disconnections

Hi guys I've been using DAX Studio for a long time now and one thing that's always bugged me is it will disconnect from a Power Pivot model if you switch into another workbook. To replicate: Lo...

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Bug in Output to File - file types switched

In version 2.4.3, when running a query and outputting to a file, there are 3 file types that can be selected: Tab separated text file (*.txt) Comma separated text file - UTF8 (*.csv) Comma separ...

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Record count in storage engine xmSQL section

Hi, is it possible that a column with record counts can be inserted into the list of storage engine queries under the 'server timing' tab? That would make it easier to map the xmSQL queries to the...

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