Cant connect to Powerpivot model

There is plenty of topics about it already but i will try to be more detailed. Windows 7 Proffesional (Czech localization and fully updated) Office 2010 64 bit eng Powerpivot 64 bit eng 11.0.5058 ...

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Cursor is invisible

I have installed DAX Studio and can successfully use it to query tabular models. Everything seems to work great with the exception of my invisible cursor. When I click in the query window m...

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Can't connect DAX Studio to PivotTable generated from PowerPivot

My environment: Win 7, XL x64 with SP1, PP x64 My model based on data from MySQL and linked tables. I put cursor on PivotTable generated from PowerPivot then laucnhed DAX Studio and nothing happe...

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Not connecting to PowerPivot Model - despite existing connection string

I cannot connect to a loacl powerpivot model, despite i created a pivot table, which is connected to the ppvt model and I am starting dax studio add in when a cell of the pivot table is selected. ...

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Addin stops taking keyboard characters

I have not been able to exactly define the conditions that lead to the following issue, but here it is: I am using Excel 2010x32 bits and Dax Studio version on Windows7x64. After being able...

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Add Find/Replace dialog

This would allow for bulk search and replace within DAX queries

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Can not connect to pivot model [See /discussions/483863]

I created a simple example. Also here the dax studio Add-In starts but the dropdown fields for the models are empty. See details here: I tried all...

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Can't install DAX Studio - Windows 8.1 - Office 2013 Professional (Office 365 install)

I can't get the DAX Studio installer to work. It fails with an error that reads "The Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime is not installed. Please download and install from http://www.micros...

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Metadata tab does not show all tables

In my workbook metadata tab does not show all available tables. I have table that have 1 column and that column is hidden from front end tool. But then I create multiple visible calculated measures...

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Run (Query Table) in Excel 2013

Actually I'd like to use this feature, to embed some DMV-Queries in a Excel 2013 Sheet accessing the embedded PowerPivot Data Model. The feature to create an Excel embedded query (& connection) th...

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