Export to Excel static or linked not working

Hi, I can not export to an Excel static table, I get this error message: Query(2,26) The syntax for ‘[Category] is incorrect. (EVALUATE FILTER(Products, Products[Category]=”Bikes”)) The code used i...

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Add-Ins not showing up in Excel 2016

I am unable to get the Add-Ins ribbon to show up to run DAXStudio within Excel 2016 64 bit: When running the DAX Studio Checker I get this: Checking .Net Framework v2.0.50727 -> 2.0.50727.5420 v2....

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Cannot add add-in: runtime error

I have some issues enabling DAX Studio add-in. When trying to enable it nothing happens, and when trying to re-do, then it results in the following error (I am using Excel 64 bit version 2013): ...

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Output function incorrectly store datetime into .CSV

Hi. I tried to store output of DAX-query to .csv file. Unfortunately datestamp is incorrectly stored in file. In output window I see data in such format: 4/9/2017 2:43:00 PM (it would be nice t...

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Error in Excel 2016 unable to launch Dax studio

Unable to launch DAX studio as an Excel addin (Excel 2016). Could someone help? Thanks -------------Error Message below--------------------------------------- Lock timeout exception. ***********...

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DAX Studio could not connect to PowerPivot Model - Excel 2010

I've downloaded DAX Studio (v.2.6.0) for Excel 2010 on a new machine and anytime I open a Power Pivot it fails to connect to the Power Pivot model. It always says the connection was timed out or l...

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Cannot Open Dax Studio 2.6.0 from Excel 2016

As the title says, I cannot open Dax Studio (v.2.6.0) from Excel 2016. The add-in is disabled and not working. The Installer did not download the config files, so I got them from the zip file loc...

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The only thing missing for me is Ctrl+E for execute, like in SSMS... Curse you F5, you're such a pain to reach all the way up there!! Please consider for a future release. Thank you :)

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Portable version?

Hello there, is it possible to have DAX Studio run as a standalone version without (exe) installer? Cheers, chefe

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Dax Studio fails to start up

Hello I have installed DAX Studio 2.3.5 on a virtual machine (VirtualBox) with Windows 8.1, SQL Server 2014 and Excel 2013. The installation apparently ran fine, but when I double click the DAX St...

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