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2.6.0 exe & zip blocked by Chrome and Firefox


They report that the file contains a virus.
Closed Mar 7 at 9:21 AM by dgosbell
Google seems to have re-evaluated this and no longer blocks our downloads


dgosbell wrote Dec 22, 2016 at 2:14 AM

Yes, but checking the file using Google's site (which is what chrome suggests) shows 0 infections. I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden, but it seems to be linked to the domain. A few of our previous releases (which have thousands of downloads) are now reporting the same thing.

It's coming from the Google Safe Browsing API, but when I submit a request for re-assessment it says there is no issue. I believe that both Chrome and Firefox and maybe even edge check this api for malicious software.

So you either have to turn off the warnings in Chrome or you can at least download the file in Firefox, but you have to choose the non-default options to run open the installer and then bypass Safe Screen if you are running Windows 10.

I have published an alternate download through our github repo here DaxStudio_2_6_0a_setup.exe

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